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Buying a business can be an incredibly daunting process, and it is natural to approach a business with a huge sense of caution. Why is that most sellers will use a broker, yet buyers don’t? Would it not be more beneficial for a buyer to also use a broker so the business sale is balanced?

Once you think you may like a business, investigating the business is literally a case of opening pandora's box. It can be very difficult to interpret information and remain objective.

We are not just talking about the business’s strengths and weaknesses, but also yours as well.

Most buyers (and respectively, their accountants) have a particularly linear approach. They investigate the business by crunching the numbers. Yes, reconciliation is essential– however, it is not the only factor to consider.

The numbers may stack up – but how will the numbers change when the business is transferred to you as the new owner?

One of the services we offer is buyer representation. Once a buyer has found a business they like, we act for the buyer to ensure that their decisions are as objective as possible, and this means looking a lot deeper than just the numbers.

Every party is different, so we tailor our approach to each business, seller and buyer and the needs of all concerned. Generally speaking, the services that most benefit a buyer are:

Forming an offer Assisting a buyer to engage with the seller to the point of making an offer, whilst protecting their interests, risk, and financial investment.

Due Diligence Reconciling financial information to ensure financial accounts, adjustments, cash flow, IP, P&E assets and Operational representations are consistent.

Risk Characteristics Assessing the risk characteristics of the business, using our 15-point checklist, to ensure that the business can transfer to the new owner with minimal material risk.

Term Structuring Structuring the term sheet to build a balanced set of terms and conditions that represents fair risk commitments for both parties through to completion and beyond completion.

If you are currently buying a business, and feel like you don’t know where to start, then you should get in touch with one of our expert Brokers to assist you throughout your journey.

Buying the right business for you can change your life, so it is worth making the investment to ensure you get the fairest deal to set you up for success.

Email us at to enquire on buyer representation.

​Daniel Kogan

(m) 0401 620 918

(t)   (02) 8923 2632

Dan Levitus

(m) 0450 326 146

(t)   (02) 8923 2632


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