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I want to sell my business? Achieving the best result for you and your business

Selling a business can be a very simple, enjoyable and rewarding process provided that the right preparation is done early on. We know how important the timing is of a business sale, and we are able to guide you through the entire process to ensure that you get the best results possible.

Getting Started

Once you have first thought to yourself I would like to sell my business we arrange with you a face to face meeting, there is no need to prepare any information at this stage. The objective of our first meeting is to talk about the process ahead, and listen to your needs and goals. Ultimately we want to determine one thing:  Are we the right people for you?

The Appraisal Process

We will ask for easy to prepare information
and focus our attention on several areas of the business, These may include factors such as: Financial performance, transfer of ownership, security of tenure, customer and supplier terms, industry conditions, and several others, depending on your business and industry.

Pre Market Preparation

We will identify the areas of the business that are great selling points, and areas that could be improved. We want to anticipate questions that buyers will ask, and formulate a response before they ask them. Conveying these messages through sales documents such as information memorandums, teasers,  and videos will be a critical part of this process.

Marketing your Business Effectively

Let's be realistic, agents all use the same websites. Unlike other firms, websites make up for only a small part of our marketing campaigns. We are doing things that others aren't, and we are experts at creating a situation where there is more than one buyer interested in your business.
Our conversion rates speak for themselves.

Creating a Competitive

Maintaining the interest of multiple
parties in order to negotiate not just the best price,but the best terms requires tailored
strategy for each individual.
The specific timing and delivery of key information and touch points with
the interested buyer is the secret.

Closing the Sale

Once there is an agreement reached on
price and terms there can be a lot of people involved. The landlord and their lawyer, the buyer, the seller, and their lawyers, the bank, and accountants just to name a few.
We keep an eye on the momentum, and make sure that the deal remains objective by diligently liaising with all involved.

What we have to say

Vision website advertising strategy
Website advertising is a small yet integral part of marketing a business for sale effectively. When it's done really well, it should generate more than enough interest in your business to be able to sell it. We also think of marketing as the art and science  behind keeping the buyer interested all the way through to the point of making an offer.

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