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We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS and we need your help!

"If you are reading this, you are someone close to us like a family member, a friend, someone we know personally, or someone we have done business with before. Either way if you are reading this you are really important to us, because frankly right now you are the audience we have, and over time we are going to make a really big splash in our industry"

Making a really big splash means helping thousands of people in the small business community. Not just owners of businesses, but all the employees and customers that a business effects on a daily basis. When we do a good job, it can make a difference to so many people.

"So now that we are open for business, we need your help"

What do we want you to do? Well not that much, we just want you to follow our journey and like and share anything that you enjoyed reading or watching on one of our platforms.

It sounds like such a small thing but it actually makes a big difference to us at a time when credibility and spreading the word means so much.

"Some of our biggest milestones and journeys were born from an introduction by a friend who had a brother and his cousin’s mother was looking at selling her business and she didn’t know how to protect her staff and customers during the sales process, so she needed our help in selling her business"

With you, we can make a splash!

Thank you all so much for your support and we can't wait to share our stories with you.

Dan and Daniel

Dan Levitus - Senior Partner

Dan Levitus

Senior Partner

0450 326 146

Daniel Kogan

Senior Partner

0401 620 918


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