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Business Overview

It is not very often that you come across a business with such incredible returns as this one.

This long-standing, family-focused services business has a combined turnover of $2.1m in 2020FY from two locations and shows a NET profit of just under $860k … That’s 40% of turnover and is after a general managers' salary!

Unaffected by the current COVID-19 restrictions this businesses turnover increased in 2020FY over and above that of 2019FY by 21%.

With a professional team in place, an extensive database of 80,000+ clients, and minimal overheads this niche services offering is an ideal investment for any business professional, lover of the arts, or established services company looking to expand its reach/offering through acquisitions.


Financial Summary

Revenue $2,165,475

Cost of Goods $252,168

Rent $130,372

Expenses $183,601

Wages incl Super $741,417


Net Profit (EBITDA) $857,916

*Figures are as at 30 June 2020FY



Strong turnover and low overheads

2020FY turnover increased by 21%

Two locations, both with low rental expenses

Net profit of $857,917 being 40% of turnover

Not reliant on a handful of key clients, database of 80,000+

Niche family-focused services business not effected by economic disruptions



Lease 1

Ends 20/01/2025

$76, 490 incl Outgoings

3% increases

Lease 2

Ends 09/06/2022

$43,573 plus Outgoings

3.5% increases


Buying a business is easy with Vision

"We understand that as every business is different, so is every buyer. Ask your broker about the information that the Vendor will make available as part of due diligence, so you know what to expect at the beginning of the process "

Daniel Kogan

(m) 0401 620 918

(t)   (02) 8923 2632

The Purchaser is responsible for conducting their own investigations in relation to this business and VBA does not warrant the accuracy of any information contained on this business

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