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Business Overview

Expressions of Interest are invited to own a complete franchised coffee chain operation which has proven itself as a solid performer.

There is value added to HQ Revenues at every step of the supply chain.

Franchisees benefit from a reasonable royalty fee.

All stores are proven performers as the owners eschewed rapid growth in store numbers for the sake of a happy group of profitable franchisees.

This operation has bounced back very well since COVID-19 and has since experienced greater month on month growth.

Features include:

1. Multi-store operation - over 25 franchised stores.

2. Production facility - coffee roasting plant.

3. Distribution facility.

4. Head Office, operations management, and royalty collection.

Price Range Expectations are $4 - $4.5M.

Potential enquirers are to be qualified by the agent.



OWN the whole Multi-store operation - over 25 retail stores

Systems and Procedures already in place

Food & beverage sector

Production facility - can grow the wholesale market further

Distribution facility to retail stores - can grow a range of products

Proven brand


Buying a business is easy with Vision

"We understand that as every business is different, so is every buyer. Ask your broker about the information that the Vendor will make available as part of due diligence, so you know what to expect at the beginning of the process."

George Sabados

(m) 0414 870 197

(t)   (02) 8923 2632

The Purchaser is responsible for conducting their own investigations in relation to this business and VBA does not warrant the accuracy of any information contained on this business

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