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About Rachel Blancato

Rachel has an expansive background and experience that has been acquired working across a variety of industries including business broking, advisory, marketing and aviation. Rachel grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and knows first-hand the amount of dedication, hard work and strategy required, combined with the right vision


She is a highly dynamic team member with incredible drive and unrivaled initiative, which has had an immediate impact on VBA.


Rachel is a next level communicator and is capable of getting people to talk. Really talk. She regularly finds herself on the receiving end of buyers sharing much more about themselves and their intentions than they normally would. This is an invaluable strength in our role of facilitating the caliber of transactions VBA executes, a process that starts with developing the highest quality buyers.


Rachel is adept at jumping right into any situation confidently, and easily delivers the VBA projects and business objectives. Friendly and understanding, Rachel improves the performance of the VBA brokers, by anticipating their needs and encouraging their performance and task deliverables.


In her personal time, you can find Rachel with her son and cavoodle pup. They are often found enjoying all the theme parks and a multitude of events around the sunny Gold Coast. Rachel loves staying fit, and somehow finds time to train 6 days per week at the gym addition to her DanceSport training.  


Rachel truly lives her life to the fullest, the energy she brings to VBA radiates through our team and clients.

VBA Rachel Blancato
VBA Rachel Blancato
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