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Business Overview

This leading Sydney wholesale supply business is ideal for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, seeking to run their own business and manage a small team.

A simple business model to run with no technical requirements needed. The business is ably supported by an experienced and customer-focused team.

This business is financially very consistent both in revenue and profitability, even during the challenging last couple of years. 80% of the revenue is from repeat business.

They supply much-in-demand product lines to a large, diversified array of customers, who come to them as a one-stop shop for all their needs.

There are well-identified routes to growth for this business for a new owner with the energy and enthusiasm to capitalise on them. The current owner has a passive involvement relying on management and staff.

Key Features:

  • Simple business model to run, no technical requirement

  • Consistent year-on-year financial performance

  • Run under management with minimal involvement from the current owner

  • Strong repeat business from a loyal customer base

  • One-stop shop for all customer needs

  • In-demand product range


  • Net Revenue: $6,650,000

  • Gross Margin: 35%

  • EBITDA/Net Profit: Circa $1,000,000


Buying a business is easy with Vision

"We understand that as every business is different, so is every buyer. Ask your broker about the information that the Vendor will make available as part of due diligence, so you know what to expect at the beginning of the process."

The Purchaser is responsible for conducting their own investigations in relation to this business and VBA does not warrant the accuracy of any information contained in this business.

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