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In this video, we talk about having your business valued every 12 months as one of the best free exercises you can ever do for your business.


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As business owners and business brokers, the one message we want to send in to the world is how important it is for people to know what their business is worth.

We interact with business owners every day, and what our experience tells us is that business owners almost never know the market value of their business is? Why is this – well because going through a business valuation process takes up time, and time is something most business owners can be a little short of, so it feels counterproductive to do unless you are selling your business.

So why is knowing the value of your business if you aren’t selling so important? Because during the process we identify the negative areas of the business, and when you know exactly what these are you are inspired to make real and most importantly effective change.

Every 12 months you should get a free assessment with us – it helps to unlock motivation and gain a new perspective, and a new perspective stimulates new growth in you individually and in your business. Plus, when that time does come to sell, your job and our job is so much easier.

We will run an assessment of your business and provide a full report all for free – and this is one of the other reasons why we push this message so much – it’s because fortunately we love to do it. Nothing is more interesting to us, than your business.

We have helped so many business owners to understand the inherent strengths and weaknesses in their business, and it has changed their lives and how they do business, which is why we love it so much.

We have met some incredibly talented entrepreneurs in our work as business brokers and advisors and no matter how talented they are, there are always elements of risk that can be mitigated or cost savings or operational efficiencies that can be improved.

We know it’s really easy to get caught up running your business, we know there is always another task to do after the last one. Put assessing your business in your task list today – start the process by giving us a call and we will guide you from there.

You can also share this with anyone that you know is a business owner. Thanks for watching and we look forward to working with you, bye.


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