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Lucy Magginson

Virtual Performance

Culture Coach

About Lucy Magginson

Lucy has an extensive background in business and psychology of over 10 years and brings a unique and effective approach in supporting the Vision Brokers and Advisors team to bring out their best and exceed their own performance expectations, and therefore most importantly the expectations of their clients.

Lucy has been working with the VBA team for over 3 years, during this time VBA experienced average YoY growth of 40% for the last 3 years running. She is incredibly passionate and driven to assist the VBA team by tailoring her support to the varying styles, strengths, and weaknesses of each team member. She is capable of drawing out their individual talents in the context of their roles whilst creating cohesiveness and consistency through the team that align with the core company values, integrity, and goals.

Maintaining the VBA culture is critical in building the highest performing boutique and specialist team of Brokers & Advisors, capable of delivering the necessary results to their client’s time and time again. 

Lucy is based in Sydney and also operates independently of VBA as the founder of Mojo Talent.

For any business with 10 people or more, looking for exponential improvement, VBA can attest Lucy is your girl. Just don’t take up too much of her time from us

VBA Lucy Magginson
VBA Lucy Magginson
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