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Kenny Batavia



About Kenny Batavia

Kenny is a dynamic professional with a rich background spanning Marketing, Sales, and Finance. With extensive experience running multiple businesses offshore, particularly in African and Indian organisations, as well as a strong management background, Kenny possesses a keen understanding of seller and buyer needs. Kenny’s experience selling a wide range of businesses provides his transfers to his clients by providing valuable insights essential for navigating both simple and complex transactions.

Having managed multiple distribution and service-oriented businesses in the past, Kenny's expertise spans across various sectors. Prior to joining VBA, he honed his skills in the finance industry, specialising in Business Development and Personal Banking. This unique blend of experiences equips him with a nuanced understanding that facilitates seamless communication between buyers and sellers. A notable achievement for Kenny was establishing a Medical Instrumentation business through to maturity with the development of distribution and dealer channels.

Kenny is passionate about property development and networking, channelling his expertise into these areas. In his free time, he enjoys participating in sports like cricket and tennis, as well as exploring hiking trails.

Kenny is eager to leverage his expertise to assist individuals in the business buying and selling process. Whether you're seeking valuation or transactional advice on the sell or buy side, Kenny is well equipped and driven to exceed your expectations.

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