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Licensed Business Broker


About Harley Stibbard

Harley has a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, and management roles, acquired over a decade of working with various businesses. His background in business management provides him with a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of a business.


As a highly motivated self-starter, Harley strives for excellence in every venture. He possesses a remarkable ability to connect with stakeholders and clients, ensuring their needs are met and goals are achieved. His values of honesty and integrity align perfectly with Vision Brokers & Advisors, making him an ideal match for the organisation.


Having been on both sides of business transactions, Harley possesses a unique perspective on what it takes to make a successful sale. Despite the challenges that arise, Harley's positive attitude and innovative thinking allow him to overcome obstacles and achieve desirable outcomes for all parties involved.


In his free time, Harley enjoys playing and watching sport, sipping coffee at his local café, and spending time at the beach with his wife Cassie and mischievous dog Phil.


One of the highlights of Harley's career was his role in building a start-up from scratch and securing its sale within three years. On the other hand, a difficult lesson he learned was the broken state of the business brokering industry, which he now aims to fix by providing every buyer and vendor he works with the quality service they deserve.

VBA Harley Stibbard
VBA Harley Stibbard
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