For Sale: $2,225,000

Business Overview

This business represents a timely response to pressures on Australia's education system by providing unique digital learning solutions for grades 7-12 with a strong focus on online Cognitive skills, Personal Development Skills, Writing, Reading, and Fundamental- English, Maths, and Science Skills

Featuring a fully interactive portal for students, teachers, schools, and parents to select and develop learning through over 100,000 questions, revisions, and exams this business has pivoted in the last 2 years to complement the challenging teaching and learning environment post-COVID-19.

Schools-led remote learning has increased significantly as a result of COVID, and Australian students have been subject to a steady decline in their educational outcomes. Australian students are particularly vulnerable to any further stresses on their education systems with their performance in Mathematics, Science, Writing & Reading already declining prior to COVID compared to our peer nations.

In the last 5 years, this business has invested over $4M in IT and development costs, graphics, content, and resource creation which culminated in their learning portal, brand, and resources.

The business is currently now in the customer acquisition phase and is engaged with approximately 120 schools, trading at approximate break-even.

The asking price of the business reflects the cost to create value at a significantly discounted rate to account for the fact that further time output is required to expand the business to higher profitability.

The business conduct is relatively turnkey, operating as a remote business. The business can easily transition to a third-party private owner or especially a strategic acquirer, looking to fast-track the significant barrier in developing quality educational resources on a reliable platform.



  • World's first exclusive criteria to measure a student’s cognitive development (75 measurable skills) across all subject areas over their entire schooling

  • The company is a well-established highly respected educational leader

  • IT platform is highly functional, with over 4 million questions answered online last year

  • Next-generation IT plans are well advanced and ready to progress

  • Over 100,000 activities and questions – all with detailed answers, explanations, and comprehensive feedback reports

  • State and National (ACARA) standards-aligned resources and questions

  • Numerous successful print and online publications included

  • Exceptional online marking platform- multichoice, short answer, extended written responses marked by either the teacher, student (self-marking), or student-peer marking capabilities

  • Currently 13 Self-Paced Students or Teacher Directed Programs with the potential to partner with other educational providers who are looking for a reliable and functional low-cost online platform for their programs


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