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Asking Price:  $ 2,700,000

Sale Price: $ 2,750,000 + SAV​

NDA: 18

Offers: 3

Ebitda: $ 750,000

On Market: 7 months


Q: How many enquiries were made?


We received 61 confidentiality agreements on this business over 7 months until the final offer was accepted. Out of these 61 we qualified just 22 and then went on to received 18 non disclosure agreements. Once an offer was accepted, we were able to leverage of other interested buyers and drive the price up. The negotiating of the final sale price and terms took around 6 weeks, followed by contract and handover stages, which took another 7 weeks.


Q: How was the deal structured?


One of the challenges facing interested parties was the fact that a major customer had left the business during the negotiating process. We structured a deal that was based on retention of customers, in order to manage the Purchaser's risk, and that would also reward the Vendor when he converted customers in pipeline. In this instance the Vendor achieved higher than his target's and the Purchaser actually paid higher than the agreed offer. The end result was a win/win outcome. The Vendor received 70% of the business paid on settlement, and the balance plus incentives paid over 12 months.


Unique business stats:

Customer number 1% of sales: 34%

Key staff members: 2

Growth without further capital investment: 100%

Plant and Equipment at  written down value: $250,000


Q: What challenges were there?


The owner in this instance, ran huge amounts of personal expenditure through the business, beyond the scope of what a prudent Purchaser would reasonably accept. Whilst these expenses were legitimate non business related, or non recurring expenses, they were difficult to measure and validate. Over 50% of the profit of the business was actually factored after accounting for non business related expenses, so reconciling these was a real challenge.


Q: How is the business doing now?


One of the reasons the Purchaser was attracted to the business was because the plant, equipment and infrastructure could handle an increase to volume of around 100% without any major capital investment. The Purchaser has since added another 20% volume through another smaller acquisition. However, there has been some short term teething issues in terms of amalgamating operations, and finding the right balance of staff. Overall the future is looking very bright indeed. We are in touch with the Purchaser regularly, and have also assisted him with new strategic growth opportunities.


"From the very start Dan demonstrated an acute understanding of numbers and the nuances of my industry, working the relationships of potential purchasers and those within my business in an empathetic, intellectual and diligent manner. He was constantly in communication appraising us of every every outcome, providing sound advice etc. What impressed me most was his detailed understanding of company P&L's, margins, Balance Sheets etc. This is a hurdle for many, but wasn't for Dan. For example, he had to regularly liaise with my GM - who is a Chartered Accountant by profession - and they were quite able to speak the same language"

Dan Levitus 

(m) 0450 326 146

(t)   (02) 8923 2632


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